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We are able to offer services that meet your requirements at every step of the recruitment process, from strategic identification of a role through the search and selection process, as well as helping you as an individual to develop your career and potential as an outstanding professional.

We believe that recruitment and career management go hand in hand to maximise personal goals and therefore business performance.

Executive Search

Most of our clients consult with us to establish the parameters and profile of a particular role. Establishing a thorough client brief is key to a successful outcome as these are the criteria on which the candidates will be judged.

Once the brief has been established, we follow a rigorous search and selection process using a range of proven techniques to identify and qualify suitable candidates; desk research, market research, market intelligence, networking, advertising, face to face interviewing and psychometric testing.

As an initial step, we conduct a telephone interview with the prospective candidate to assess suitability and their interest in the role. At this stage we do not disclose who our client is. This is followed up by a thorough face to face interview in which cultural fit and candidate aspirations are assessed as well as suitability of skills and experience. A confidential profile report is then produced for each short listed candidate.

Talent Mapping

Many of our clients have cyclical recruitment requirements and McGraw Stone has therefore developed an “out-reach” program to identify and cultivate high calibre candidates, who are not necessarily interested in an immediate move but may do in the foreseeable future.

An informal conversation provides an opportunity to understand the candidate’s aspirations and at the same time raising the profile and sharing information about the client company, without necessarily pushing a specific role. It also provides a means of accommodating timescales in the future when often urgent needs arise.

Successful people are busy people and therefore to be able to arrange meetings to their timescales means they are likely to be more conducive to an approach. It also means client companies have a surer feel on talent intelligence across their market-place.

Career Management

Nurturing your own career is essential for the competitive individual. Attaining specific skills or honing leadership capabilities at the right time in your career can dramatically improve your opportunities and accelerate your progression.

Whether currently employed or looking for an opportunity, career support and advice is invaluable. We help individuals to evaluate their current status, devise a strategic plan for development and then attain new skills. We also offer advice on CV development and support in exploring alternative career options.

Redundancy is unfortunately now commonplace. We work with businesses who are conducting a redundancy programme as well as clients and candidates who have lost their jobs to minimise the impact of redundancy on their career and personal life.

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